Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Things (not) to miss about Egypt: No internet/water/power

Note the green internet signal, yet the circling Skype icon.  We have come home to this all too many times in Egypt.  Connected to the internet, but not really connected.  Sometimes this problem is solved in minutes, sometimes days, sometimes weeks.  Pain in the behind.  Sometimes it's for no reason at all.  Sometimes it's because they never brought you your phone bill, but because you haven't paid the phone bill (a whopping dollar a month).  Sometimes you call, and right as you call the internet starts working again.  But you've already waited on the line for 20 minutes, so you decide to find out why the internet wasn't working.  The conversation goes like this:
Me:  My internet wasn't working, and I don't know why.
Him:  It is working now?
Me:  Yes.  But why wasn't it working?  This happens all the time.
Him:  It is working now.
Me: Yes, but why wasn't it working before.  I don't want this to happen again.
Him:  It is working now.  

There are also times when there isn't any water or the electricity goes out.  Usually these are at the most opportune times.  Like when you're drying your hair before school.  All of a sudden, no power.  Or when you get home from working out and need to get ready for a dinner with friends.  Turn on the tap... and nothing.  

Yes, it could be worse, and these are definitely first world complaints, but I'm ready to be notified should my water be turned off by the city, my internet be shut off due to lack of payment, etc.  

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